I'd give this a 5-star if there was a way to verify that my passwords are not sent to a remote server. Can the creator verify this?


Response from developer

Of course, passwords are never sent to any remote server and there is no analytics or external library loaded on the app. If you click on « more informations », there’s a paragraph about security : project is open source, I encourage you to check it out and self host it, also, some people did a technical / security review.


Cool idea actually.


A good idea and interestingly enough I couldn't find anything similar on here.... The developer has also claimed that no data is sent to remote servers -- I checked the chrome dev console and it's true, there are no trackers either which is great.... my only suggestion is to improve the UI a little to make it user friendlier so that a non-techie can also appreciate the usefulness... I think that would also increase user trust....


this is useful. thanks