This is the only online name picker that doesn't have ads, doesn't store your information and just works! Not many people may need something like this but when you have to pick random names as a part of your job (don't ask me what my job is lol) you start to appreciate that someone made a free app that just does the job.....





I generally like this app and use it regularly in my class. I just wish more effort was put into the design of it.


It's like the other thousand random name pickers out there but I use it since it has a clean design and doesn't have any ads...


Does what it says it would do! I like the fact that it allows me to pick multiple names at once.


If you need to randomly pick a name from a list, this is the app to use. I have a technical background and was able to look under the hood: It doesn't show ads, doesn't use any trackers and no data is sent anywhere so it's "privacy-aware". The design could use some work but it gets the job done.


Amazing app for raffles and classroom games; however, I wish it had the ability to save names so that I won't have to copy and paste 15 names every time I need a draw.


Great app for drawing a winner and raffles.


I'm a teacher and this a great tool for creating random groups during class activities.