Gets the job done but has no additional features. No resize, crop, quality control...


Batch processing would be nice


Very useful for converting logos.


when i need to convert a png file to jpeg all I want is a clean interface that JUST DOES IT! every single website is full of ads and popups except this one. Appreciate you not selling out yet!


I don't convert image files everyday lol but when i need one i know i can find it here with no ads and malware. thnk u


Why not add more features? Background editing, filters, resizing....


It does what it says it would do! I'd give you 8 stars if I could because you haven't put any annoying ads on it!!


I'm a web designer creating a project for a local fashion business. For some ungodly reason, I need to convert a giant number of png files to jpg without losing any quality. This app has been a life-saver as it does the exact thing I need.


Would be nice if it could change the background color of the PNG file right before converting it to jpg.


Never disappoints. Super reliable converter. It would be nice if it could integrate with other converters too.


This is a handy little tool to convert png images to jpeg. Things I like about it are a) it doesn't have ads b) it's fast c)it doesn't send my images to another server so I know it's privacy-safe.


This is a very useful tool for graphic designers. I usually have to convert PNG to JPG because the legacy system our agency's customer uses can only parse JPG file (long story), this is a fast converter and doesn't send data to a server which is a huge plus as we have regulatory constraints.